If your family is like ours, you love your pet. But, even so, those furry family members can offer extra challenges when it comes to keeping your Madison-area home clean, especially your carpeting. But we can help.

Whether your family has a new puppy or a lucky rescue who’s just found his new forever home with you, PureSteam can clean and treat your carpets to get rid of smelly pet messes like urine with our pet enzyme cleaning services.

The PureSteam Process for Pet Enzyme Cleaning

Here’s what you can expect during the cleaning:

1) The Pre-Inspection

As part of the Pre-Inspection, our technician will inspect the affected area using a powerful UV black light. This allows our technician to identify problem areas where your pet has messed.

2) Pre-Condition Problem Areas

Next, our technician will treat problem areas with a special urine neutralizing solution. This professional-grade solution binds to the chemicals in the urine and absorbs the odors, leaving a clean, pleasant smell in its place.

3) Spot Treatment

Using the latest steam-cleaning technology, our technician will then perform a “sub-surface extraction.” This means our technician will deep clean the area, removing the urine not just from the upper levels of the carpeting but from the carpet pad as well. This is necessary to really remove the smell and bacteria that urine leave behind.

4) Steam Clean

Once the area has been properly prepped for cleaning, our technician will steam clean the area using our standard, state-of-the-art technology and methods. Due to the extra deep cleaning needed to successfully remove pet odors, please expect the treated area to have a slightly longer drying time.

Additional Pet Odor Protection Options are Available

If your pet is prone to messes, you may want to consider having an additional carpet protector applied to your carpeting. This special application is available upon request, and it provides an additional level of protection against odors and stains for your carpeted flooring.

Get Pet Odors Out of Your Carpets

We know you love your pet, but that doesn’t mean you need to love the smell your pet leaves in your carpeting. Whether the problem is pet urine or just needing to wash your beloved pet’s everyday smell from your carpets, a good PureSteam cleaning can do the job.

Call us today to schedule an inspection and appointment. We do offer ongoing specials, so please be sure to visit our Specials page to learn more.