If it’s been awhile since you loved the look of your furniture, it may be time to consider a good steam cleaning. A high-quality upholstery steam cleaning can not only restore the look and feel of your furniture, it can remove hidden allergens like dust, mites, and bacteria.

Any time is a good time to schedule a PureSteam cleaning for your furniture. We use high-powered hot water to safely remove dirt, removable stains, and odors from the following types of fabric-covered furniture:

  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Recliners
  • Sectionals
  • Dining room chairs
  • Futons
  • Ottomans

The PureSteam Process for Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Here’s what you can expect during our visit:

1) The Pre-Inspection

First, our technician will inspect your furniture upholstery. This is necessary to determine the types of fabric with which your furniture is upholstered.

Because our cleaning methods use pure, hot steam, they are not suitable for all types of fabric. During the Pre-Inspection, we will determine whether or not we can clean your upholstery and advise you of your options.

2) Pre-Treat Problem Areas

Next, our technician will pre-treat any stains and heavily soiled areas with a special cleaning solution. This solution helps safely break down the bonds between the soil and the fabric fibers, allowing us to effectively clean your furniture.

3) Soil Extraction and Rinse

Once the area has been properly pre-treated, our technician uses a professional-grade hot water extraction system to gently extract the soil from your furniture upholstery. A controlled rinse is also applied, ensuring no soapy residue from the pre-treatment is left behind.

4) Stain Treatment

After the deep cleaning, any stubborn, remaining stained spots will be treated with special stain removal products. Depending on the type of spot, different products may be used.

5) Apply Fabric Protector

If requested, our technician can apply a special fabric protector. This application provides a supplemental level of protection for your furniture upholstery.

6) Post-Grooming

To help maintain the appearance of your furniture, our technician will gently brush upholstery fibers back into their original position for drying.

Ask About Extra Upholstery Protection with Scotchguard

If requested, our technician can apply a special fabric protector. We recommend this application because it helps prevent staining, extends the life of the fabric, and works for both water- and oil-based stains.

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Our PureSteam cleaning methods offer a safe and natural way to restore and maintain your furniture fabric. Whether your furniture needs a deep clean pick-me-up or you just want to do what you can to maintain its life, steam cleaning can help!

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